Thinking of Sarandeep Singh

Sarandeep Singh
Sarandeep Singh

Don’t know why I dreamt of Sarandeep two night ago. That dream is still haunting me. Not because it was scary, diagnosis medicine it is mostly because I thought I had forgotten about his death. I though everyone had. I don’t even remember how long ago he died, viagra tragically, no rx accidentally falling from his friend’s balcony. He is survived by his wife and child.

I interviewed him for a program management position at Adobe. He was working at Sapient. We all liked him and hired him. He reported to me for almost two years, I don’t remember now. He was good. Balanced and practical. Unlike some other Program managers in my team, I never heard complaints about him from peers. If anything, I would say he could have been more aggressive than he was but then again, he was good. Just a solid human being.

When I heard of his death, I was in the US. I could not believe the SMS I got from Neeraj telling me that he was gone. It was a short message. Adobe did a lot to help his family out. This was great to hear. It was also heartening to hear that a lot of people from Adobe went for his funeral. It must have been hard. He was so good and his son only 11.

Life goes on and so do companies. He was replaced by someone. I don’t know who. We all went about our lives as thoughts of him gave way to routine. The dream reminded me that I don’t have closure. Maybe I need to go speak to his wife. But I have nothing to say. I just so want to see that they are ok. Just to reaffirm my faith in family and life.

I also want his death to mean something to me. To make me change my approach to life. What if I fell off a balcony tomorrow? Will my family be ok? How will they remember me? How will they adjust to the new normal? I am also surprised at this sudden surge of sadness as I sit on a plane on the way the US again.

Dreaming of Saran reminded me that I want closure when there is no real impact of him going away on me but I still want to be good. Maybe as good as him. Someday.

8 thoughts on “Thinking of Sarandeep Singh”

  1. Thanks for posting this. Every time I fire-up Photoshop Elements 13 the ‘about’ box dedicates the software issue to Sarandeep, and I have wondered what his story was. You have solved the issue for me, and demonstrated that he was well thought of…..
    Tony, Winchester, UK.

    1. thank you Anubhav, your loud speaking thoughts regarding Sarandeeps short live that ended so tragically, his eleven years old son, his wife and his Adobe – colleagues reminded me, that I should use more often in my live the words: THANK YOU. Nothing in our live should be taken as a self-evidence

  2. I also see this when PSE13 starts up. Thanks for the nice words and I hope you have got closure. All the best from Sweden.

  3. Touching story and very kind words. Came here also because of PSE13, looking for Sarandeep and the story behind the message…only to find these words about a good man and a tragic accident ending his life. God bless him and his family!

  4. It was thoughtful of you writing this, not only for yourself but to us as well. May he be always in our hearts. Adobe

  5. Many times he comes to my mind. Such an energetic person he was. In old building, I always avoided to look into the room he used to sit in. Volleyball court misses his loud voice and confident game. There are lot of Adobe friends who couldn’t believe, when they got to know about the news. As Michelle said, I should use THANK YOU more often.

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