Commoditisation of Web Development

While I’m fairly technical I could not have created responsive websites for or without wordpress. I did this in just a few hours of my free time and have had great success with these sites. And, this blog is also on I dont think I will pay anyone to create websites for me unless they were really complicated or required some insane level of customisation or security or high level of design.

This thought was echoe’d recently by Chris Hardie in his “The end of website development” post and has been discussed here on hacker news. The comments are enlightening as they show a crop of developers clinging on to hope of grabbing a larger share of a dwindling market while others agree that what wordpress, squarespace, etc provide is more than just good enough. And if you get a Pro membership, you might be able to bill the clients the same as you would for a custom site and get it done using wordpress in no time.

The comments also highlight how the web is becoming less and less transparent and open be being gamed by companies with perverse incentives. I’m sure you’ve found yourself on a dynamically generated web page that contains a lot of crap around your search string. I know I have.