Essential Tools for Product Managers

Tools don’t guarantee your success as a PM but you should know what tools to use to be productive as a PM.

Paper and a Pen
First things first – write and draw out for idea and product flow. Super helpful to do this on paper before you get fancy in a design tool.

Work tracking
Just use outlook or Gmail if you do not want to get fancy. Work often comes to you via email and is delegated via email so master your email tools. Learn how to set reminders and schedule your work. 
Track your own work using Google keep or Trello

Both Outlook and Gmail have plugins for Trello.

You can also use Airtable. It is a modern version of excel with useful widget and better collaboration

Collaborating on documents
Use Google docs. Their collaboration capabilities are great.

Product roadmap planning
Use Trello and Excel.

A key part of your work is telling stories. Use Keynote to make your presentation look good. You can also use powerpoint. If you are collaborating on a presentation with someone – drop all other presentation tools and use google slides

Design skills
Its important that you have a basic understanding of graphic design and UX design. This will help you build better presentations and have better conversations with Designers if you work on products that need design. That’s a trick question. All products need design. Play around with Adobe XD. Its free for individuals and great tool for Product Managers. 

Tracking team’s work
Software teams use JIRA or some other tool like that to track feature work. Use it. Trello is fine for small teams <10 in size 

Email me. I’d love to know what you are struggling with and how I can help. 

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