Must have free resources for Product Managers

Product managers need to read a lot. Reading gives you better context for your decisions. It also helps you argue for your idea and sell it. 

If you read only one book on product management, read four steps to an epiphany. If you don’t the money to buy this book read this free PDF:

Click to access Four_Steps.pdf

Four steps to an epiphany PDF hosted by Stanford university.

Steve Blank has posted many videos on youtube to help you learn skills like:

  1. How to interview customers
  2. How not to interview customers
  3. How to find customers BEFORE building a product
  4. etc
Steve blank’s playlist on Youtube

Here are the next set of free resources for Product Managers

  1. Good product Manager / Bad Product Manager
  2. What does google look for in a Product Manager
  3. Good product strategy :
  4. Sachin Rekhi on art of Product Management:

If you read only one book on negotiation, read Getting More by Dr. Stuart Diamond

Here are the free blogs to follow on product mangement

  2. Google Ventures YouTube channel
  3. Foundation with Kevin Rose including interviews with Ben Horowitz, Elon Musk, Om Malik, etc 

There are so many skills a PM needs to master including digital marketing, especially if you work in a small company where you do both product and customer acquisition. I love:

  1. Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s daily podcast at
  2. podcast by Patt Flynn

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