Late night meetings & their toll

I have a one hour meeting starting at 10PM India time, which is 3 minutes from now. I’m writing because I am acutely aware of the tolls such meetings have on your private life. Since this meeting involves crucial conversations, I have been distracted since I got home at 7 today. I had dinner and played chess with my son but I was irritable and really not there. My mind kept wavering to what I have to say and how it will be interpreted at 10. I have also been up since 5AM this morning helping the wife with kids and breakfast since my daughter had to leave early for school today.

This is the part I hate about working at a US based multinational software company. You can’t really be at home even when you are at home… especially if you care about the outcomes of these meetings. It is hard to have the mental discipline to be keep anxiety away and truly be at home when you are at home.

Additionally, I have an 8AM meeting as well where I need to refute/question the results from a user study. This is not ideal as you stretch on both sides of the day.





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