Data analytics for desktop software products

Feature AnalyticsFundamentally, there is very little difference between data analytics for desktop or web based software companies. I’ve have worked on both kinds of software for my current employer. In large companies, you should work with your privacy lawyer to ensure that you can collect the data you need without violating any privacy guidelines.

Here are some of the  metrics to collect to manage your product

Business analysis metrics

  • Customer acquisition funnel
  • Active use and retention percentages weekly

Feature analysis

This is the area where we should get the “feature teams” or “Squads” to own the data analysis for their feature. This involves

  • Predicting feature usage (percentage of weekly active users using a feature) based on usage numbers for past features.
  • Deciding what usage means for your feature and logging that event
  • Measuring repeat use and defining what repeat use means?
  • Build the ability to report and record these numbers easily

Hopefully, the graphic below will allow you to understand feature analytics better

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